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Combining generations of knowledge with ultimate craftsmanship

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The beginning
Early 1970's

Originally from Malaga, Spain, a young Jose Antonio Aguilera completed his training in panel beating at a state-of-the-art body shop and immigrated to Australia.

Settling in Brisbane

Jose settles in the Murarrie area of Brisbane, Australia. He marries and along with his young family of five, works tirelessly to support them by utilising his panel beating skills at a local East Brisbane panel shop.

J&D Quality Smash Repairs is Born

Jose invests in opening a small panel shop in Murarrie, naming it J&D Quality Smash Repairs. With only himself and a painter operating from one shed, the whole family pitches in to help the business grow.

Passing on the trade

Jose's son, Juan, begins his apprenticeship in panel beating, learning the trade from his father.

Juan becomes a qualified panel beater

Juan completes his apprenticeship starting his career as a fully qualified Panel Beater.

Transition and expansion

Due to poor health, Jose becomes semi-retired, and Juan and other family members take more responsibility in running the business.

Overcoming Challenges

An injury forces Juan to step away from the J&D Quality Smash Repairs to focus on recovery while working as an insurance assessor with a recognised insurance brand.

Passing on the Legacy

With Jose retiring due health reasons, Juan re-joins J&D Quality Smash Repairs, taking over the family business. The operation is still small, with a team of two working from a single shed. Juan injects his new acquired knowledge of insurance to make some improvements in the business and starts an exciting journey towards diversification of both services and technology.


J&D Quality Smash Repairs, with a growing team of five, begins offering a more diverse range of repair options, including paintless dent removal.

New look and future

Juan's vision starts coming to life with the support of his growing family and team. As the business flourishes it is also time to get a new fresh look as J&D Quality Smash Repairs expands and welcomes the adjacent shed to accommodate the growing team of 13. Juan and Paola also welcome the future of J&D Quality Smash Repairs as their beautiful twins are born on the 9th of November 2020.

Expanding services

J&D Quality Smash Repairs adds a large detailing bay to their operations, now providing a full range of detail services, including ceramic coating.

Growing facilities and team

The business continues to grow occupying the majority of shed 5, 167 Murarrie Road. The team expands to 17 members, with dedicated bays for paint, panel, and detailing.

Further development

J&D Quality Smash Repairs enhances the services available by introducing additional offerings, such as window tinting and leather repairs. With a strong focus this year on upskilling the team to support this diversification.

Commitment to Excellence

J&D Quality Smash Repairs continues to provide exceptional panel beating, painting, and detailing services, striving to exceed customer expectations and maintain their reputation for quality and reliability. The business enters an exciting new phase of rebranding that aligns to its vision and future goals. Something to watch out for!

A promising new era…

Staying true to its foundations, family values, passion for quality and excellence are essential ingredients of our success. J&D Quality Smash Repairs re-affirms its commitment to keep moving forward, never backwards, and to continue growing and consolidating the business and the Aguilera family name in the Brisbane market, while also creating new opportunities to develop their team as the future of the industry.

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